Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

This holiday season has been kinda blah. Skyler’s been on vacation for two weeks, with means our normal schedule gets thrown out of wack. I’ve been sick for over a week, and I just now feel like the fog that’s taken residence inside my head is clearing. I trudged through the holidays, enjoying myself but not really celebrating to the fullest. My mom came to visit, which is always fun, but again, major vacation, no schedule, major do anything/nothing feels, lol.

But now, mom has gone home, the holidays are over, Skyler is back in school, I can breathe through my nose and get through the day without a nap, so I finally feel like it’s time to start the year! A little late, but hey, better than never.

I’ve spent some of my downtime looking back and doing an assessment/audit/recap…whatever you wanna call it of the year. I looked at the good and the bad, and the lessons I learned and used that info to set some goals for this year. I’m not into resolutions, never have been. It just has such a negative sound to it. I like goals, goals sound more friendly, more fun, way more positive. So I decided to do a 20 for 2020 goal sheet. Some small, some big, but all of them positive.

My theme for the year is MORE.

I don’t have a goal to lose weight. That sounds like I’m not happy with my body. Instead, I have a goal to stay hydrated, drink MORE water. Way more useful.

I don’t have a goal work out because I’m not really into exercising, but I do have a goal to stretch MORE and get my muscles limber so they stay healthy as I get older.

I wanna read MORE books this year, travel to MORE places, take MORE classes, write MORE… but none of these goals have a set number attached to them because if I accomplish just one MORE than last year, I’ve succeeded!

I still have some blank spots to fill in, because as the year gets off to a start I know I’ll think of MORE ways to succeed and make my life MORE fulfilling!

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