Ready or Not Red Carpet Premiere

Ready or Not was the first premier that I was invited to walk the red carpet instead of covering the red carpet. As much as I love being a journalist there’s nothing like the feeling of being on the other side of it. I was meant for that red carpet life!

To be honest I wasn’t even sure what I was being invited as. Was I there to cover the red carpet as media or was I there to walk it? I honestly had no idea, lol. It wasn’t until my friend Shannon, who was covering it for media, got the email with the names of the people who would be on the red carpet and realized that I was on it. I was blown away!

The party before the premiere was tons of fun and packed with cast, crew, and production. The food was good, the vibe was positive, and I got to meet Willam, who's one of my favorite drag queens ever.

I wish I could adequately express how much this event meant to me. Since I was little I've wanted to be one of those people walking the red carpet, one of those Hollywood personalities with their photo on Getty Images, and now, it was happening. It was truly and honestly happening...and why? What was it that I did to land me in this amazing position? Nothing. Nothing other than be my best self, live my best life and put my best me out there into the world.

This was a reminder that with the right attitude, the right outlook, and the right amount of work, it really is possible for dreams to come true.

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