Photo Shoots of Christmas Past

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

As I sat here on Christmas Eve, thinking about the holiday season, I was suddenly inspired to go back through my photos and look at some holidays passed. And of course, that led to wanting to share a few of my favorite shots from Christmas photoshoots.

Happy Holidays!

My first ever Christmas pinup shoot. Shot by Ama Lea at the Pin-Up Lifestyle loft.

My favorite Creepy Christmas shoot. Shot by Trash O Rama photography.

My "Very Merry Hexmas" shoot with Photos Via Chainsaw.

And some behind the scenes action too...

A little Holiday Cheer by Edson Carlos

Last year I didn't do any pro shoots...but the Holiday selfies were plentiful! LOL

And this year was full of many merry holiday events, so here a peek at a few of my favs.

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